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Marmet Construct




Installation, industrial equipments repair, general purpose pipes, metal structures and component parts


The company S.C. MARMET S.R.L. was founded in 2005. With currently a total of over 70 employees, staff contribute to good development of processes and activities of the company in accordance with contracted works portfolio.

The company owns a team recognized in the area for the quality of products and services produced and for reliability in business. We built a reference name and are prepared to face the challenges of the market segment that we operate with a cumulation of components:

  • quality due to technical team we have;
  • attention that we listen to customers, to ensure that their requirements are determined and met in order to satisfy them in terms of economic efficiency and profit, plus we want to exceed their expectations;
  • organization and flexibility in approaching the works and service delivery.

Thus, one of the components of company's management strategy, since 2007, was implementing a quality management system according EN ISO 9001:2007, which has been certified by Certification organization for Management Systems AEROQ Bucharest, approved RENAR.

Now alignment with the requirements of the EU of health and safety at work and the concern for ensuring safe working conditions for employees, customers, contractors and other involved parties, determined us to implement a management system of health and safety at work according to OHSAS 18001:2007, which will be certified by an accredited organization.

Area of activity is: manufacture of metal structures and component parts, production of cold bent profiles, manufacture of metal doors and windows, general mechanical works, repair of steel structures, installation of machinery and industrial equipment, metal carpentry , plumbing, heating and air conditioning, civil construction.

The company is authorized ISCIR for "Installation and repair metal pipes for fluids" and "Reparare recipient metalice stabile" and has the necessary personnel for such activities, which is also authorized ISCIR.

For future S.C. MARMET CONSTRUCT S.R.L. intends development at a steady and continuous pace by extending the area of activity and continuously improve the effectiveness of core processes in order to increase the performance of services provided.

Permits and licenses for execution

Marmet Construct - ISO 9001:2008

Marmet Construct - ISCIR

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