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Marmet Construct


Quality is key to achieving and maintaining a high level of competitiveness of any trader, products supplier and services.

In its business, SC MARMET CONSTRUCT SRL In cadrul afacerilor sale, SC MARMET CONSTRUCT SRL is concentrated to its customers, to ensure that their needs and expectations are determined and met in order to increase customer satisfaction, in terms of economic efficiency and profit.

On the other hand, as organization that is committed to applying modern technology to provide services, recognize the impact that its activities can have on environment, our employees, customers, contractors and other stakeholders.

For execution of quality work in accordance with expectations and requirements of the customer, SC MARMET CONSTRUCT SRL adopted an integrated management system quality-environment-health flexible and safety at work, which at the same time, meet standard requirements of SR EN ISO 9001:2008, and SR OHSAS 18001 :2008, and legal requirements identified as applicable to compliance of products / services, environmental aspects and safety risks identified in our organization work.

In my role as General Manager of SC MARMET CONSTRUCT SRL, concerns me that the organization's activity to be oriented towards continuous improvement of of products / services, functional maintenance and continuous improvement of integrated management system, compliance with legal requirements and other applicable requirements of environment, health and safety at work, prevent pollution, injuries and occupational diseases.

Provisions contained in the Integrated Management Manual and integrated system associated procedures is my commitment to our customers that products and services provided meet the quality requirements in contracts, regulations and legislation. Application is mandatory for all personnel of the organization.

In quality management, environment, health and safety at work, all our employees are subordinated to Management representative, who is engineer Dragan Camelia.

This policy is available to our stakeholders on our website and will be reviewed annually and adapted to our business.

General Manager,
Engineer Marian GURAU

Permits and licenses for execution

Marmet Construct - ISO 9001:2008

Marmet Construct - ISCIR

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